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air movers, corridor, lines of injectidry

Clearwater Water Mitigation

The hallway in this previously flooded health facility is being dried by SERVPRO's advanced drying equipment. The snub-nosed low-profile air movers circulate the moist air captured by the dehumidifier and drained into the trash can in this Photo. The injectidry system is blowing warm air between the wall studs where the trim has been removed to salvage the drywall.

ceiling tiles on ground, damaged ceiling visible

Clearwater Roof Damage from a Storm

The storm damaged the roof of this Clearwater conference center, and the water soaked into the ceiling tiles. These acoustic tiles are very porous and soak in the water. The weight caused them to fall from the suspended ceiling. Our SERVPRO crew must first remove the safety risk and dispose of the materials before proceeding with the storm damage restoration service.

ruined wall, fire from vent in wall by dryer

Fire Damage in Clearwater

The clogged vent from the dryer in this Clearwater condo resulted in the fire damage illustrated in the Photo. SERVPRO advises residents to inspect and keep clean lint filters and have us come by every few years to inspect and clean the exhaust vent--only if required. We can clean up and fix this fire damage, but it is unfortunate that it even occurred. We are here to help.

muddy water on tile floor by the entrance

Water Flooding in Clearwater

The Photo depicts standing water filled with debris from a strong, sudden storm. The team from SERVPRO promptly arrived at this Clearwater property to remove the standing water, dry the area and provide a sanitizing agent at the end of the service.

rigged flexible duct, drying wall void in bathroom

Clearwater Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

The locker room in this club suffered a plumbing failure in the wall void. SERVPRO techs inspected the water-damaged area and set up the drying service as shown in the Photo. Our team performed a partial deconstruction and removal of the sheetrock, lifting the vinyl wall coverings (a vapor barrier) and setting up positive air pressure with air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly mitigate the damage.

water pooling on hallway, lights reflecting from the ceiling

Clearwater Office Under Water

The clean water covering the corridor in this Clearwater commercial building was quickly suctioned off the carpet by our SERVPRO team. Advanced equipment, knowledgeable techs make for fast and successful service. "Like it never even happened."

water stained rug and walls, green air mover

Clearwater Water Damage Mitigation

SERVPRO can respond quickly to suction up water after a leak in a Clearwater condo and place drying equipment like this air mover to minimize the water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--big or small.

charred attic area, boarded door

Fire Damaged Clearwater Rental

Our SERVPRO crew responded quickly to secure this Clearwater structure once the firefighters left the scene. Fire damage can be mitigated with the removal of charred debris to limit further degradation and odor penetration. We can restore the attic structure since the charring is light, less than 1/4 inch thick. We try to restore, and not replace.

new cabinets and exhaust hood

Fire Damaged Clearwater Kitchen Gets a Remodel

The Photo depicts the extensive fire damage to this Clearwater home. Our SERVPRO team can provide the plan to execute the demolition and build back to a preloss condition, often even better. After removing all the charred material and residual water and smoke odors, we can coordinate with the insurance carrier and our client the budget and build back parameters. Our General Contractor License #: CBC-1250662 can secure all applicable permits making this an almost stress-free experience for our customers. SERVPRO offers a one-shop opportunity, no need to vet and hire many different contractors.

Palm trees in a storm with caption of Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Hurricane Preparedness in Clearwater Beach

Preparing for a hurricane cane very stressful, pre-planning is necessary to protect your family and property. Proper advance planning can make a huge difference if things take a turn for the worse. We're in the middle of another active hurricane season, our SERVPRO team knows it is vital to help the community prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Click the link below view our 2021 Hurricane Guide.

pooling water on a concrete pad of the warehouse

Clearwater Warehouse and Standing Water

The split pipe covered this Clearwater warehouse with water. Fortunately, it was not operational at the time of the flooding. SERVPRO vacuumed up the water and set up drying equipment restoring the storage area to its preloss condition within two days.

opened wall cavity showing PVC plumbing

Clearwater Storm Demolition

The sewage backed up and deposited contaminated debris in this Clearwater rental unit. SERVPRO performed a controlled demolition to remove the tainted, non-salvageable materials. We can then apply a biocide before building back the area.

sooty deposits on surfaces in bathroom

Clearwater South Smoke Damage

A condo fire migrated smoke into this Clearwater South unit bathroom. The soot coating the countertop and floors can be vacuumed with a HEPA device to trap particles during the cleanup. SERVPRO has talented team members that can then defeat the pungent odors left behind after the fire.

white efflorescence on the block, dirt in crawl space

Clearwater Crawlspace Service

SERVPRO identifies this Clearwater crawlspace as moisture-laden, as shown by the efflorescence on the cinder block foundation wall. Mold spores are ready to germinate, which can damage the joists. We can install a dehumidifier along with an encapsulation service to rectify the dampness.

SERVPRO technician with boards from kitchen cabinet

Largo Water Damage Gets Fast Action From SERVPRO

Even a small amount of water damage in a Largo kitchen can result in the need for a large amount of cleanup. The water ruined the sheetrock behind the cabinets and SERVPRO techs needed to open the area up for complete drying and cleaning. 

SERVPRO technician in the kitchen with removed cabinets

Mold Damage Remediation in Clearwater Beach

When SERVPRO handled the mold damage remediation in this Clearwater Beach property, the kitchen was the focus. As seen in the photo, the techs needed to remove the cabinets to get to the mold behind the cabinetry. 

SERVPRO tech on wet towels on a carpet

Clearwater Beach Hall Gets Commercial Water Cleanup From SERVPRO

SERVPRO has numerous devices for water removal in Clearwater Beach commercial properties, however, sometimes the best equipment for the job is the technician. This technician is using his weight on the two rags to push water up and out of the carpet as part of the water restoration services. 

SERVPRO technician with manual fluid extractor

Clearwater Beach Flood Damage Cleanup

The photo of this Clearwater Beach home undergoing flood damage cleanup and restoration shows that a large amount of water wicked into the walls and the techs cut the ruined portion off. SERVPRO techs then used a manual liquid extractor to remove the water around the exposed framework.

SERVPRO technician beside boxes with household items

Care During Clearwater Packout Post-Fire Damage

This photo gives good insight to the level of detail that SERVPRO engages in during a packout in a Clearwater property during a fire damage mitigation service. Soot can affect areas of the home not damaged by flames and organized pack-outs ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

SERVPRO tech with boxes for pack-out with common household items

Clearwater Water Damage Pack-Out by SERVPRO

When water damage threatens undamaged items in a home, SERVPRO has a safe solution. This technician is performing an organized pack-out. SERVPRO techs take each item from a room, note its location and condition and carefully place it in a box for holding at a secure location.

mold on walls behind removed cabinets

Clearwater Beach Condo and Mold Remediation

This condo in Clearwater Beach suffered significant mold damage. The A/C was set above 78 degrees while the owners were up North, and the escalating humidity encouraged mold growth. SERVPRO techs have removed the assemblies before cutting out sections of the sheetrock. We will apply an antimicrobial product once the non-salvageable material has been removed.

lgr dehu, air movers, drying gray carpeted hallway

Clearwater Water Removal

This corridor in a Clearwater office complex suffered water damage from a split pipe. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up most of the water, and then used our advanced equipment to complete the drying. Within hours the task completes, with only minor disruptions.

crawlspace, ducts, plumbing line, and water on the ground

Tropical Storm Flooding in Clearwater

The attic crawlspace was flooded from groundwater after a torrential rainstorm in this Clearwater property. SERVPRO can place portable pumps and trash pumps to remove the pooling water. We can inspect to ensure that all the infrastructures are functioning (A/C, plumbing, and electric) and eventually, after drying, apply an antimicrobial agent to exterminate remaining hazards like microbes or mold spores.

soot covering surfaces in a bathroom

Clearwater Smoke Damage Project

The soot from a house fire in this Clearwater rental unit needed the actions of SERVPRO for cleanup and restoration. We can wipe away the soot and set up a hydroxyl generator to eliminate the foul odors.

flooding on tile floor in kitchen and hallway, blue hose

Emergency Services Water Damage for Clearwater Beach

The flooding in this Clearwater Beach first flood condo was at least restricted to this one unit. The rapid response to this water damaging event by our nearby SERVPRO franchise mitigated the water damage. The blue hose is vacuuming out the water and will soon make way for drying equipment.

hanging ceiling debris, broken up furnishings in restaurant

Clearwater Beach Tropical Storm Clean Up

The devastated restaurant in Clearwater Beach needed fast action to get back into business. SERVPRO was called because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, to plan, scope, and execute the process for removing debris safely. We can help, 24/7.

stripped floors, cubicle, lgr dehu and air movers

Clearwater Clean Water Flooding

The burst pipe flooded the office suite in this Clearwater building with a large volume of water. SERVPRO removed the baseboards and the flood-damaged glued-down carpeting and then started drying the premises. Our advanced drying equipment does the job and quickly.

green wall  removed sheetrock 1.5 feet for drying

Clearwater Flood Cuts

The contaminated floodwater has been removed, leaving behind a storm-damaged wall in this Clearwater home. The flood cuts were done by our SERVPRO crew to open the wall void for drying and spraying an antifungal agent. The removed sheetrock we can replace.

soot on white tile floor, dirty

Clearwater Beach Fire and Soot Damage

The peeled back area rug reveals the whiteness of the tile in this Clearwater Beach condo. The pervasive circulation of smoke and soot after even a small fire can leave the deposits shown. Our SERVPRO team can vacuum, wipe and remove this blackish film.

underlayment water damaged in bathroom vanity, broken water line nearby

Clearwater Damage from a Supply Line

The supply line failed in the bathroom vanity of a Clearwater residence, and the Photo shows the result. The particleboard-constructed base was ruined by the wicking of the pressurized water. We can remove and replace and restore functionality to our customers.