Recent Before & After Photos

Grease Fire in Clearwater

The condo unit in this Clearwater hi-rise depicts in the Before Photo what can happen when a frying pan is left unattended on the gas range. Fortunately, our cu... READ MORE

Hi-Rise Condo and Water Flooding in Clearwater

The main water line ruptured in the service corridor of this Hi-Rise condominium in Clearwater and several inches of water now cover the concrete floor. The hig... READ MORE

Clearwater Crawlspace Flood Damage

When flash flooding rushes into a crawlspace in a large Clearwater property, several factors must be addressed. Well-trained technicians from SERVPRO can pump o... READ MORE

House Fire in Clearwater

The kitchen fire in this Clearwater house spread into a section of the attic. The visibly charred trusses were not burned more than 1/4", which is good news for... READ MORE

Clearwater Condo Is Water Damaged

The lower level unit in this Clearwater condominium was the recipient of water damage from the above neighbor's overflowing bathtub. The fast response from our ... READ MORE

Flooded Carpeting in a Clearwater Office

The standing water in this Clearwater office is reflecting light from the nearby window. This illustrates the water depth that pooled on the tile carpet during ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Clearwater

SERVPRO often cleans up and restores fire-damaged homes because of overloading an outlet. We advise our customers in Clearwater to observe the amperage and watt... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage in Clearwater

This older home in the Clearwater area suffered from significant storm damage. The flat roof leaked, and the rainwater penetrated and soaked the ceiling sheetro... READ MORE

Water Damage in Clearwater Beach

The Before Photo shows the blistered paint caused by a water leak from the attic plumbing. Our goal is to do a controlled demolition to remove only the water-da... READ MORE

Mold Demolition and Build Back in Clearwater

The water-fueled dormant mold spores in this Clearwater house caused the visible mold growth. Our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians at SERVPRO have... READ MORE