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Any Size Storm Can Leave Clearwater Houses with Flood Damage

1/8/2024 (Permalink)

Blue tarp covering the roof of a home . If your Clearwater home has storm damage, call SERVPRO. We're Faster to any size disaster™.

SERVPRO® Mitigates Destructive Flooding From Storms

Storms do not have to come from hurricanes to leave homes and shops in Clearwater soaked. When runoff patterns have changed or are blocked, flood damage can happen with regular rainfall.

Let SERVPRO of Clearwater mitigate the flood damage on your property. We are Faster to any size disaster™ and come prepared to start the mitigation process. There are several facets of flood damage, including water damage, odors, and microbial infestations. We partner with you to ensure we answer all your questions and concerns.

The first steps to mitigating flood damage, especially after a storm, focus on ensuring safety, rinsing and clearing debris, and spraying disinfectant agents to minimize risk. Additional measures include:

  • Extracting standing water,
  • Drying the structure and
  • Odor control measures.

Drying happens faster when there is less water, so extracting water goes a long way toward protecting your residence from flooding, mold, and water damage. We also go after water in hidden spots, including under cabinets with built-in floors and within the lowest portion of stairwells.

Just as in situations involving water damage, we use heat and intensified airflow to remove moisture from the air and contents inside the structure. Warmer air increases how fast moisture evaporates, making it possible to push it through one of our desiccant machines. 

Clean water can cause fiercely sharp odors, but flood damage can leave your home smelling so much worse. SERVPRO's odor control technicians (OCTs) use different methods to fight these odors. Eliminating the cause of an odor is not always possible, so masking techniques might be the only option until the odor naturally dissipates. We discuss which scents your family likes best and then apply them strategically. Charcoal pellets can absorb several odors, making them a safe standby for foul odors.

When you need an expert mitigation team to protect your home from flood damage, call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099.

Effective Mold Damage Restoration in Clearwater

11/12/2023 (Permalink)

servpro truck parked at house, palm trees SERVPRO tackles moisture problems and then removes visible mold colonies, and applies fungicides. Clearwater homeowners trust us.

Mold Remediation Right Where You Need It

Clearwater is rapidly becoming one of the premier destinations of Pinellas County. Known for its favorable weather and direct connection to many types of marine life, the population has skyrocketed in the past decades, pushing nearly 110,000 people. This boom does not mean that there are not historically significant properties and places in the community serving as the county seat, many of which can be found on historic Cleveland Street and dating back even farther than the founding of Clearwater.

While the coastal community might be a draw to thousands, it can also lead to a need for mold damage restoration in Clearwater properties with the humidity it can cause. The position on the Gulf Coast has made it an ideal location for its conservation and marine rescue efforts, most recognizably at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This location gained notoriety and fame for telling the story of one of its famous residents, Winter, in the acclaimed family film Dolphin Tale released in 2011.

SERVPRO® finds the mold in your property

While we might not be able to engineer ways to improve the quality of marine life, we can make your home cleaner, safer, and drier when exposed to mold. The first step is tracking the damage with moisture sensors and sampling tactics. We can develop a custom remediation plan to remove active colonies and protect exposed elements from here. Familiar places to find mold growth in your home include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Attic
  • Garage

Coastal communities like the ever-growing Clearwater can suffer severe weather and high humidity throughout most of the year. When this becomes water and mold damage in your home, you need professional remediation assistance to make it right. SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach is ready 24/7 with quick cleaning and restoration strategies at (727) 614-0099.

Water Damage Repair in Clearwater

9/11/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee holding the top of a water extraction tool Call SERVPRO of Clearwater for water damage removal or repair. We are Here to Help® 24/7.

Clearwater Residents Trust SERVPRO® with Water Damage Repair

Blessed with arguably the best beaches in the country, Clearwater is home to over 115,000 people. The city perfectly blends modern architecture with fantastic historic buildings, especially on Cleveland Street. The town is quite popular among national and international tourists, with major tourist attractions like the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Plumb House Museum, and the Church of Scientology's spiritual headquarters. With the city's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for severe weather, homeowners and business owners must be prepared for water damage emergencies.

SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians can help you with water damage repair of your Clearwater home and prevent the situation from going out of hand. Our techs use state-of-the-art technology and equipment and repair the water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Controlling Humidity During Water Restoration 

Controlling humidity is a crucial aspect of a water restoration project. SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers and air movers to speed up drying and efficiently remove moisture from wet surfaces. SERVPRO techs use the following types of dehumidifiers during water cleanup-

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers draw in humid air and pass it over a cold coil, condensing the air's moisture. 
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers use a moisture-absorbing material, such as charcoal and silica gel, to remove moisture from the air. 
  • Low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers can remove more moisture from the air by cooling it to a lower temperature than traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers.

Water damage incidents are unfortunately not uncommon in Clearwater. Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota caused significant damage to the historic Capitol Theatre and Clearwater Beach Pier in 2020. Eateries like Frenchy's Rockaway Grill and Pearly's Beach Eats also suffered substantial damages. SERVPRO techs are here to help you when you need us the most. 

Call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099. Our dedicated and experienced technicians are available 24/7 to help you. 

Clearwater Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Flame Call SERVPRO today if you need help with professional fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO is Available for Fire Damage Cleanup

Proximity to the Gulf and Tampa Bay, Clearwater never has a shortage of areas to explore and enjoy. Whether you live, work in, or visit the region often, this place is rich in history and culture. Home or business owners know they can count on SERVPRO for restoration needs, including fire and smoke odor cleanup. All you need is to call us 24/7, and we can be there within hours to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Aside from SERVPRO for fire damage restoration in Clearwater, many outstanding businesses make the region what it is today. Some of the local restaurants and hotspots in the area include:

  • O’Keefe’s Tavern: If you are looking for a classic Irish pub with incredible beers on tap and standard fare like Shepherd’s Pie, then O’Keefe’s is the place to go. The atmosphere is lively, the staff is friendly, and there are always delectable food specials to choose from. Should you be in town in March, you will find they have St. Patrick’s festivities span several days. 
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium: This aquarium is a beautiful way to learn about rehabilitation and rescues while experiencing the fantastic sea life living onsite. There are boat rides, guided tours, virtual reality experiences, and excellent shopping all within one location. Plan the day with the kids, and bring a camera to capture the memories.
  • Craft Beer Trail: If you love craft beers, the Craft Beer Trail features several well-loved establishments, including the Clearwater Brewing Company, Southern Lights Brewing, Big Storm Brewing, and Grindhaus Brew Lab. Planning a day to check out these watering holes will allow you to experience seasonal brews, triple IPAs, delicious porters, and refreshing pilsners.

Whether you experienced a fire in your Clearwater restaurant or have smoke damage to your apartment complex after a nearby blaze, SERVPRO of Clearwater South/Clearwater Beach is here to help. Call us at (727) 614-0099 or request support online for professional fire damage restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, arriving within hours of your initial call to begin assessment and cleanup.

Water Damage Repair in Clearwater Happens Fast with SERVPRO

5/9/2023 (Permalink)

closeup of water drop Water damage? Help is no further than SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach. Call us today!

SERVPRO Is a Trusted Name in Water Damage Repair in Clearwater   

A water incident can cause severe damage to your property if not controlled and restored in time. It is essential to hire professionals like SERVPRO for water damage repair of your Clearwater home to get things under control before they get out of hand. 

Professional restorers like SERVPRO have the expertise, equipment, and training needed for a fast and efficient water damage repair of your Clearwater home. Our techs use the latest technology during water cleanup to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

How SERVPRO Techs use Drying Science in Water Cleanup? 

The priority of SERVPRO techs during the restoration of water damage is to create ideal conditions for drying. Techs manipulate the humidity, temperature, and airflow to speed up the evaporation of the moisture absorbed within the wet surfaces.

  •    Humidity: Lower the moisture content of the drying air, the faster the evaporation rate. SERVPRO techs use different types of dehumidifiers to remove the water vapor from the air by condensing it back to liquid water. Strategically placed dehumidifiers can significantly increase the evaporation rate and reduce the drying time. 
  •    Airflow: As water evaporates from wet materials, the air directly above the damp surface becomes cooler and saturated with moisture. This boundary layer of humid, cool air can slow evaporation. SERVPRO techs use axial and centrifugal air movers to remove this boundary layer and replace it with warm, dry air from the dehumidifiers. 
  •    Temperature: The water vapor holding capacity of warm air is more than colder air. SERVPRO techs use portable heaters to warm the air to hold more water and speed up the drying rate. 

SERVPRO techs have the experience and expertise to monitor and control these factors, ensuring your property is restored to a preloss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099. Our restoration experts are available 24/7 to help you.

Stopping Mold Damage and Odors in Clearwater Homes

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician removing mold damaged kitchen cabinets A mold infestation can quickly overtake your home in Clearwater. Call our certified SERVPRO team to investigate and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO 24/7 Mold Cleanup Restores Residences in Clearwater

Home mold damage impacts homes with humidity levels above 40-50 percent every year. Even dead spores can leave behind unpleasant stains and odors and negatively affect indoor air quality. While homeowners can perform some remediation tasks themselves, it is recommended that they contact a mold cleanup professional to mitigate the damage.

Mold damage remediation professionals in Clearwater are trained to perform inspection, sanitation, disposal, and odor control for microbial growth and the conditions that allow it to grow. Our AMRT team adheres to IICRC guidelines and protocols. Total mold removal is not possible because mold exists on some level in all spaces. However, restoration can return an affected property to a safe, sanitary pre-damage state.

Most vulnerable areas in the home for mold

While DIY remediation may not be feasible for many homeowners, they can safely monitor problem areas in most homes for mold. Vulnerable spots in residential structures include the following:

  • Bathrooms, especially around sinks, showers, bathtubs, windows, and mirrors, are regularly exposed to large amounts of condensation. Wall and ceiling cavities around ventilation and exhaust fans may also be vulnerable, mainly when plumbing leaks or failures occur
  • Kitchens, particularly around sink plumbing or refrigerator lines. Loose connectors or damaged supply lines are common culprits. Refrigerator drip trays can also overflow and damage kitchen flooring, baseboards, and drywall
  • Laundry rooms, especially around washing machine lines or utility sinks. 
  • Utility room fixtures like water heaters are also vulnerable to leaks or failures, especially if they are at least eight years old. Homeowners are recommended to get their water heaters serviced annually to minimize the risk of moisture damage that can encourage microbial growth

The key to minimizing mold risk in any residence is keeping airflow consistent, cleaning surfaces regularly, and maintaining relative humidity levels below 40%. This is crucial to successful mold remediation.

How SERVPRO availability preserves homes after mold damage

A crucial component of SERVPRO’s restoration strategy is the ability to respond to homeowners’ calls 24 hours a day, including during weekends and holidays. Crews provide personal protective equipment and commercial-grade tools to remediate mold spores, debris, and moisture that impact the safety and comfort of a residence.

SERVPRO’s mold remediation process includes:

  • Sanitation of surfaces with EPA-registered biocide solutions
  • Hot water extraction for vulnerable salvageable surfaces like rugs, upholstery, or drapes
  • Drying units coordinate to wick up and remove excess moisture after extraction. Air movement units push moist air off of surfaces and toward dehumidifiers
  • Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) can take on various tasks that minimize mold odors. Debris removal, moisture extraction, and sanitation are vital to keeping a property safe. Wet fogging may also be necessary, particularly for ductwork and other surfaces impacted by spores
  • SERVPRO HEPA-filter vacuums can catch spores as tiny as 0.3 microns and use negative air pressure machines to prevent stray spores from migrating out of contained restoration spaces or sealed ducts

After mitigating mold damage with these tools, SERVPRO professionals can focus on repainting and restoring structures where needed, reinstalling baseboards, and replacing contents in their proper place wherever possible following the homeowners’ wishes. Restoration is about mitigating damage, preventing it from returning, and keeping damage to personal property to a minimum.

Homeowners can count on SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach to clean to a “Like it never even happened” condition. Call (727) 614-0099 to get started.

How SERVPRO Equipment Dries Clearwater Home Water Damage

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO car in the parking lot of an apartment complex SERVPRO technicians specialize in water damage remediation for your home in Clearwater.

Clearwater Water Restoration Techs Deploy Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

Clearwater residential water damage can be challenging to detect and clean in full. Moisture can come from hard-to-reach sources like wall and ceiling plumbing and persist for hours, days, or even longer. Before long, homeowners can smell water-damaged odors that are likely paired with microbial growth if the moisture exposure has lasted more than 24-48 hours.

SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians preserve Clearwater properties with 24/7 availability and cutting-edge inspection and mitigation tools. Highly trained technicians can also implement necessary repair and replacement services per a homeowner's insurance policy.

How water damage affects walls and ceilings

Water damage can come from plumbing or appliances, which can have equally varied impacts on a residence depending on the location and materials affected.

One of the most commonly impacted materials in a water damage situation is drywall, which can:

  • Wick up excess moisture
  • Warp
  • Crack
  • Crumble
  • Cause paint to bubble and peel

Moisture can also impact wallpapers and their adhesives. In tandem, water and mold can impart unpleasant odors and stains that require sanitation and drying to clean. Eventually, drywall's paper board and gypsum construction can deteriorate enough to crumble. Insulation and wall studs may also require cleanup. Ceiling drywall, meanwhile, may sag from the weight of excess moisture and eventually collapse.

SERVPRO's water restoration process for walls and other structural materials

Restoration crews certified by the IICRC can use specialized inspection tools, such as sensors calibrated for drywall moisture measurement. This moisture is evaluated on a point system, as it is for most surfaces. The primary exception is wood, the moisture content of which is measured in percentages. 

After performing inspection and formulating a restoration plan, SERVPRO can:

  • Use portable or truck-mounted extractors to salvage flooring, drywall, and upholstery impacted by moisture
  • Perform controlled demolition of drywall for ventilation during structural drying 
  • Deploy air movement and dehumidification units that work together to pull up and eliminate excess moisture
  • Sanitize contaminated surfaces with EPA-registered biocides
  • Deodorize porous surfaces with solvent- or water-based solutions dispensed by ultra-low volume foggers

SERPVRO's water remediation process ensures that spaces are preserved as much as possible after moisture exposure impacts property. One of the most crucial steps is structural drying. While extraction removes most immediately accessible moisture, drying devices can mitigate the rest. In cases with small-scale water damage in larger, open spaces, this process is accelerated with the help of sealed polyethylene drying chambers.

Situations where only the flooring is saturated usually require fewer air movers than those disasters in which walls and ceilings are also affected. If a home has multiple wet walls, air movement tools are often necessary to create a circular airflow that pulls water off surfaces and toward dehumidifiers. This moist air is passed over materials that create condensation, like cold low-grain refrigerant coils or desiccant materials like silica gel, to isolate the remaining water and dry the space.

In situations where homeowners need in-place drying of such materials as upholstery or rugs, air movers may be placed every 150 to 300 feet. More severe damage from burst pipes or other disasters may necessitate air mover placement every 50 to 60 square feet instead. A careful balance of air movement and dehumidification is necessary for successful drying to a safe moisture content typical of the impacted materials.

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach answers the needs of homeowners who call (727) 614-0099. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster regardless of when it occurs.

How Home Fire Damage Affects Kitchen Cabinets and Storage

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician packing items into boxes If your home in Clearwater sustains fire damage, SERVPRO is Here to Help. Contact us for content pack-out and fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO Fire Restoration for Clearwater Kitchens Cleans Fixtures and Cabinets

The kitchen is arguably the common source of fire damage in a given home in Clearwater. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data, even minor ignitions that often go unreported can leave behind soot residues that can become acidic on exposure to moisture. This acidity can corrode metal components in appliances and HVAC systems and leave unpleasant odors and hard-to-remove stains.

SERVPRO fire damage cleanup crews restore Clearwater homes to a pre-damage state with a combination of cleanup and repair strategies. While some surfaces may necessitate replacement, SERVPRO focuses on restoring contents where possible according to homeowners’ wishes and their insurance policy.

The impact of kitchen fires on home contents

Kitchen fires, even small ones, can have a farther-reaching impact on kitchen surfaces than homeowners expect. Nearby food storage, for example, might be compromised by soot or high temperatures and may require disposal. Fire suppression with water or extinguishers can also render foodstuffs unsafe to consume. Kitchen tools and appliances, meanwhile, are often restorable with careful cleaning by restoration technicians.

Soot and smoke damage can also impact:

  • Kitchen counter finishes
  • Electrical outlets and wiring
  • Ventilation registers and ductwork
  • Backsplashes, paint, or wallpaper in the kitchen
  • Kitchen exhaust fans and hood ventilation and lights

Over time, soot, especially after exposure to water from sinks, steam, or other moisture sources, can corrode many of these surfaces and increase repair and replacement costs. Professional restorers, meanwhile, can minimize damages and stop further risk to structures and contents after a home fire.

SERVPRO’s fire damage mitigation strategies preserve kitchen cabinets, counters, and contents

Restoration techs from SERVPRO perform fast-acting fire cleanup strategies that mitigate soils from ceiling to floor and from the lightest damages to the heaviest. Suppose moisture or extinguisher residues are present from fire suppression. In that case, SERVPRO techs can clean and dry these before performing soot removal from surfaces and contents.

Food items like produce and canned goods may require disposal to keep homeowners safe. Fire soils, emissions from burnt materials, and high temperatures can compromise these items. Kitchen appliances and tools, meanwhile, are often salvageable after fire damage with careful sanitation and cleaning with EPA-registered antimicrobials.

  • Light soils are typically cleaned from kitchen surfaces with a gentle detergent solution of a dry cleaning sponge. Loose smoke particles can be cleaned from surfaces with HEPA-filter vacuums
  • Containment measures such as negative air pressure and duct or doorway sealing prevent soot from migrating to other areas of the property during restoration
  • Moderate fire soils may require stronger wet cleaning solutions or immersion cleaning. Delicate items such as chandeliers or porcelain can be restored with ultrasonic cleaners, which use a combination of OSHA-approved antimicrobials and ultrasonic frequencies to vibrate particles off affected surfaces
  • Heavy fire damage, such as charring on cabinets, can be remediated with abrasion blasting to prepare the surface for refinishing. Blast media is sprayed at the surface until char is removed. Some materials used for this purpose, like soda ash, also have deodorizing properties. 
  • Cabinet interiors are often affected by soot and can be challenging to fully clean if the interior is unfinished, as is often the case. Technicians can often remediate residues with dry cleaning sponges

Professionals can also clean kitchen appliances and inspect kitchen stove hoods and HVAC systems for signs of soot, debris, or microbes that compromise efficacy.

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach can be reached at (727) 614-0099. Their solutions allow homeowners to enjoy a property that looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”

Why Your Approach against Mold Damage in Clearwater Matters

4/16/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall by an electrical outlet Finding mold on your property does not need to cause fear. Contact SERVPRO for effective mold damage remediation services. We are standing by for you.

SERVPRO Effectively Handles Mold Remediation in Clearwater Homes

Once your Clearwater property exhibits mold damage signs, the situation can worsen unless you intervene. It's likely to start with minor issues like a musty smell before significant problems like structural rot and indoor air quality degradation take root. Ideally, fighting mold should start the moment you notice the first signs. However, an unplanned response might not resolve the problem effectively.

The key to resolving mold damage at your Clearwater home is understanding how mold forms, thus exploring realistic ways to stop it. Professionals like SERVPRO significantly improve the outcomes because we have a deeper understanding of mold growth processes.

Essential takeaways

  • Mold colonies signify underlying microbial growth 
  • As mold breaks down materials, it releases problematic residues
  • Humid conditions can spread contamination widely

Mold contamination is propagated by microbial growth. Inhibiting microbial growth is mandatory to defeat the spreading of contamination. Any other step, including the physical removal of colonies, can only provide temporary relief. SERVPRO technicians evaluate your property to determine what factors lead to microbial proliferation and, thus, the best way to stop it. Moisture retention around organic materials is the main factor since it activates naturally occurring spores that sprout and latch onto surfaces. 

Drying materials helps control microbial growth in the long term. Our crews find sources and use advanced drying procedures to restore normalcy. Since drying might take time, we can also incorporate chemical agents in mold control. 

Useful chemical categories

  • Fungistats which slow down the growth rate
  • Biocides that destroy fungi
  • Sanitizers that generally reduce microbe levels

The moisture in the air

While you may focus on the moisture, affecting materials directly, the mold situation may develop from other sources, such as humid air. Humidity-driven mold can spread vastly, affecting everything, including structural materials, furniture, and clothing. Our SERVPRO crews explore unique ways to manage humidity, including improving ventilation and dehumidifying affected areas.

SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach can help you manage mold damage conveniently. Call (727) 614-0099. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Projects in Clearwater

3/13/2023 (Permalink)

water puddling on floor SERVPRO knows what steps to take to minimize the water damage of your commercial establishment.

SERVPRO Can Assist with Commercial Water Mitigation in your Clearwater Business

Most owners of retail businesses know that appearance is critical to whether someone will want to purchase an item or not. The atmosphere for shoppers must be clean and welcoming for customers. If your business ever suffers from a water leak, steps must be taken before people walk into your store to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for your patrons. For example, if your furniture store's carpets get wet, customers will not want to shop inside your business if they step in puddles or smell musty aromas.

When our SERVPRO technicians conduct commercial water damage restoration in your Clearwater retail business, we know that cleanliness is vital. When working on commercial buildings, we always pay attention to every detail and ensure that the atmosphere inside your furniture shop is conducive to conducting business before we leave. Our goal during every project is to restore your structure to its preloss state "Like it never even happened."

For example, if your carpets get wet from a water leak, we can use a heavy-duty, truck-mounted extractor to pull moisture from your flooring materials. We can use a weighted extraction tool for thick carpets that uses the operator's body weight to squeeze the fibers to pull out the most H2O possible. We can then place an air mover under your carpeting to "float" your carpeting and dry out the floors underneath them. We can also set up dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of the air and speed up the natural drying process.

Steps we can take before we leave the project:

  • Test and make sure moisture levels of contents and building materials have returned to normal
  • Do a walk-thru with the building's owner to make sure we didn't miss anything
  • a thorough final cleaning
  • Conduct restorative carpet cleaning

If you ever have a water supply line leak inside your furniture store, call SERVPRO of Clearwater South / Clearwater Beach at (727) 614-0099.